Royal Counties Radio is an internet based radio station setup to be a community local radio serving the counties of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.  Our output is aimed at those who live,work and play in the the areas of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire here in the uk so the show times represent that of BST/GMT and Lisence according to this.

Royal Counties Radio is part of the AS Media UK Network, we believe in bringing you a wide mixture of Music and Entertainment though our programs and the music that is play in our shows and in the automation hours.

We aim to bring you the best of the best  by working along side Dunstable Community Radio  and Hayes Fm film and media.  Some of our shows are taken directly from Dunstable Community Radio studio’s please see our schedule page for these so we do not have any control on material that may be played on these shows, others are shows that may have been aired on 91.8 Hayes Fm

We aim to bring you the best in entertainment, news and interviews 24.7.   If you would like to work-with us then please contact us for more information on how this can be done

We can also now be picked up on Tune In by searching for Royal Counties Radio,  also you can ask Alexa to play us  but not tried with google

Just one thing to keep in mind that sometimes if you are using the free tune in they may play an advert before you get connected to our stream, also if it doesn’t work then please keep trying.

We now have a Mobile App in the GOOGLE PLAY and the APPLE store’s.

Please Note:- If your viewing this site on a mobile phone sometime it’s best to turn the device 90 degrees to get maximum viewing, can’t hear our output check our NEWS page for streaming problems and for the other Artists I have interviewed please click here. Also  that as more and more pages are being added then there will be Sub Pages so please click on the down arrows for more information that is being offered through out this website and please make sure you scroll to the bottom of each page so not to miss a single drop of this website.

Thank You and enjoy your listening Experiance.